Earth Day Press Release

Earth Day Press Release

City Council Candidate Mike Moroski Announces Formation of the Human Party
Independent candidate rallies others to join him in making human-centric decisions for the betterment of all

CINCINNATI, Ohio (April 22, 2013) – Mike Moroski announced the formation of the Human Party, an independent political party under which he will be running in his bid for Cincinnati City Council this November.

According to Moroski, the mission statement of the Human Party is: “A celebration of being human by drafting legislation and voting on policies that promote human development; making it so that we ALL have the potential to maximize our unique gifts and talents for the betterment of the community.”

Moroski originally sought the Democratic Party nomination and was recently informed that he did not receive it.

“Nine truly deserving people were endorsed by the Democratic Party and I congratulate them all, but I will run as an independent and win,” he said, adding, “I will now be able to run under the exciting auspices of the Human Party.”

Moroski first formulated the foundational ideas for the Human Party years ago following a conversation about party-politics with long-time friend Joe Rouse, who told him, “When you decide to run (for city council), you should be the first Human Party candidate.” Moroski now welcomes that opportunity while holding fast to what makes the Human Party different. “In brief,” he said, “the major tenet of the Human Party is making policy decisions with human beings at the center of those decisions.”

Despite the obstacles of running as an independent candidate, Moroski is motivated by the challenge. He plans to “move forward by making human-centric decisions based on intense study and research.” He also believes his campaign will be remembered as “one that defied all the odds, where a non-incumbent, independent, Human Party candidate won in a heated election year.”

The candidate is also quick to remind that he has been greatly helped by people from all walks of life, and without this help, his candidacy would not be possible. “I move forward with all of your help,” he says, “for the Human Party is nothing without human support.”

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