Last night was an historic and awesome night. For the first time since Katie, Becky, Eric and I have begun planning for the 2017 council run – everyone on the TeamMoroski2017 camp gathered together in the same room.

We are all well aware that 2017 is a ways off, but you can never get planning too early. Our goal is to have all the money in the bank, the neighborhood task forces assembled & educated and the branding set by mid-2016. 2017 will be about meeting all of those in Cincinnati that we do not know, making new friends and listening to what matters most to all of you. When November 2017 rolls around, we want people to say, “it’s about time I can vote for TeamMoroski!”

You see, when you cast a vote for Mike Moroski, you cast a vote for TeamMoroski. This is not about me. This is about an excellent group of people who will devote plenty of precious time to work on a campaign in which they believe. This is about all of the people in Cincinnati who believe in something better and more equitable.  This is about reaching out to friends who believe in education reform, better not for profit management, more tax incentives for big business to create a larger tax base, fiscal responsibility, pension resolution and bringing them on board for the ride. A vote for TeamMoroski in 2017 will be a vote for something much larger than one person.

We have a couple of mantras in the TeamMoroski2017 camp with which I would like to familiarize the reader. These mantras will help direct our actions and decisions. If the platform mentioned above is the mission statement of the campaign, then these mantras are the vision:

“Vote FOR us, not AGAINST someone else”

“Unity Assists”

Of course, that last one was rather obvious – but it is true. Unity will bring this city together and enable us to make sounder fiscal judgments while, at the same time, enable us to give preferential treatment for the marginalized in our society.

It was made very clear last night that the team currently assembled, and who will define the culture of this campaign, is one that is excited, well-connected and diverse. They are:

Katie Moroski – co-candidate, events committee member for Qualls for Mayor 2013 and volunteer coordinator at WordPlay Cincy (www.wordplaycincy.org)

Eric Langevin – campaign manager and assistant division director at Hoxworth Blood Center (www.hoxworth.org)

Becky Langevin – co-campaign manager and senior researcher at Procter & Gamble (www.pg.com)

Leisa Wilcox – Partner at Once Blind Studios and K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art – co-director of design, messaging & branding for TeamMoroski2017 (www.onceblindstudios.c0m)

Randy Wilcox – Creative Director at Once Blind Studios and fine artist – co-director of design, messaging & branding for TeamMoroski2017 (http://krandallwilcox.com)

Mike Rogers – brother and senior supervisor at 21C Museum Hotel (www.21cmuseumhotels.com/cincinnati)

Michael Heckmann – neighborhood outreach coordinator for TeamMoroski2017 and staff member at Starfire U (http://starefireu.com)

Tom Callinan – Charitable Words Scholars and BroMentor (www.charitablewords.com)

Matt Wagner – attorney at Frost, Brown, Todd (www.frostbrowntodd.com)

Dominique Mix – brand new friend and in-house counsel at Stand Energy Corporation (http://stand-energy.com)

Queen City Cookies – official snack of TeamMoroski2017 (www.queencitycookies.com)

Help us spread the word. As soon as the new mayor and the nine council members are elected this November, the TeamMoroski2017 campaign will officially begin. Contact me through this website for more information on how to get involved early, gather more information on the campaign or to simply drop me a line.

If you are reading this then you are more than likely involved in a current campaign like Katie and I are. That said, feel free to drop us a line letting us know that you would like to be a part of TeamMoroski2017 after this year’s elections. I will promise you this – it will be a fun and victorious adventure.

Until next time – take care of one another and be well.