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On Monday, February 4th I was given an ultimatum by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Namely, to take down my post on this site entitled, “Choose Your Battles,” sign a number of documents assuring my silence and keep my job – or, resign.

After much deliberation with my wife, family, trusted clergy, professionals from all walks of life and my own meditative silence, I decided not to take the post down, nor to recant my position that “I unabashedly believe gay people SHOULD be allowed to marry.”

As “Choose Your Battles” goes on to say, “Ethically, morally and legally I believe this.”

And I do.

If I take that post down I would not be able to look at the thousands of former students and families with whom I have worked for twelve years in the eye. I have tried my hardest (even when it would have been easier not to) to instill the values of resilience in the face of pressure, public acts of justice and patient decision making in every student who has been in my classroom, office or not for profits. What would I say to all of them if I were to go against my OWN conscience so that I could keep my job for four months?

I refused to agree to the Archdiocese’s terms BECAUSE OF my faith formation at Catholic schools and relationship with Catholic family members & clergy – not in spite of it.

I believe gay people should be allowed to marry because I believe in the Sermon on the Mount. I try to let the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7, guide my life.

I will not be quiet about what my informed conscience tells me is right and just.

The only painful part of this entire decision for Katie and me is reconciling the difficulty my students at Purcell Marian are going to face with the example we strive to model for the youth. If any of you Cavaliers are reading this, please know that I love you and I am in your corner. I hope that someday you may come to understand why I am not in my office to share a laugh, a cry or a story. You can always contact me through this website with your questions or to keep me posted on how your lives are going. I trust you all know that your livelihood means more to me than my own, and, for that reason, I had to leave. I realize how difficult that may be to understand right now, but in time I trust you, too, may be asked to give up your convictions or accept the consequences. As I always tried to teach you – NEVER compromise who you are for someone else – and NEVER let anyone make you someone THEY want you to be. Be strong and take care of one another.

As anyone will tell you at Purcell Marian, I had ONE zero-tolerance policy when I served as Dean of Student Life – I would never tolerate someone making someone else uncomfortable. Some call it bullying, I prefer to call it “creating uncomfortable situations.” When a young person, or any person, is made to feel uncomfortable by someone’s else’s actions, then they are not being given the opportunity to become the best version of themselves possible. If, and when, this happened at the school, I dealt with it swiftly and harshly.

To take this conversation outside the walls of Purcell Marian – if we do not begin to have some very difficult conversations in the Church and in our communities, then we will very quickly lose many good people who could add so much beauty to our lives. Many people in our society feel uncomfortable because of certain doctrines and dogma. And this is not just about marriage equality – I am talking about all PEOPLE.

I never meant to be a gay rights activist, I always considered myself a Human Activist. For years I advocated for homeless humans, black humans, white humans, Hispanic humans, young humans, old humans, rich humans, challenged humans AND gay humans. The Archdiocese knows that I love human beings. I live my life in defense of human beings. We all could use a little extra love, and preventing someone from being able to share love, to me, is, as I have stated twice before on this website, immoral and unethical.

I thank the Catholic Church for all they taught me, and will continue to teach me. This is not some cheap political ploy – I mean it. Any Catholic with whom I have worked will speak to my sincerity. If it was not for the church I may not be as resilient as I am in my stance on these issues – and I may very well have taken down my post and moved on if not for my Catholic upbringing.

However, I am unable to silence myself or recant my statements BECAUSE OF my Catholic background, not in spite of it. For this, I am truly grateful and peaceful.

On Friday, February 8th, I find myself still on administrative leave with a pending termination by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for my public support of gay marriage and my refusal of their terms.

As I stated a few weeks ago, you gotta “choose your battles.” I did not pick this one, but it picked me, and, after a week of discernment, I have decided that I will gladly accept it.


  1. Kathy Stockman

    This is absolutely beautiful! Your stand brings me so many tears of joy to mix with mine of sadness and frustration with the Church I still love so much.

    Blessings and prayers to you and your family.


  2. Wow. I don’t even know you,but your post brought tears to my eyes. It’s people like you that make this world a better place. Keep up the good work! I hope you find a job you love even more then the one you are leaving. Dude, You Rock.


  3. Ethan Fletcher

    Your post gives me hope that one day, I will have the opportunity to marry the man I love with all of my being. Thank you for your great courage; for setting an example for your students about standing true to your values, and standing up for love. Though I am neither Catholic nor Christian, I am humbled by your faith. You will have my vote for City Council when the time comes.

    With admiration,

  4. Natalie

    It is because of your love of HUMANS that all the young people with whom you have worked will have hope for a better future. I am glad to hear that you are choosing to be who you are and stand with conviction for what you believe in. As much as the outcome saddens me, the alternative is a much bigger disappointment. You wouldn’t be you if backed down. I know we haven’t seen the last of Mike Moroski…and I am looking forward to seeing what greatness your future holds. Peace & Love My Friend!!! 🙂

  5. Alice

    I was raised Catholic, however, I do not believe in all their teachings. I also support gay marriage! Everyone deserves the experience of true happiness. Keep up the good work!

  6. Kristin

    I still love this Church, but am so disappointed when the love and grace it stands for is not being carried out by its leaders. Thank you so much for being such a wise and loving example for others, especially your students. I admire your honesty and bravery.

  7. Chaz irizarry

    Thanks moroski.
    For those who dont know me i am a student at purcell marian and mr. Moroski was and still is my mentor. Although i am sad to see him leave i am happy that he stuck with his ideals and his morals. He is truly a great man, he always will be a motavator in my life. I will never forget him

  8. Eddie Hahn

    My name is Eddie Hahn, I am a student at purcell marian. I am sad to see this great man go he has taught me life without him I don’t know what I would be right now. I have became a Class Captin and a T.A.P member because of mr moroski he showed me that I can do anything aslong as I put my head to it. This is a very sad moment to see him go like this. We the purcell marian community are trying to fight for his right to express his feeling. This is not a reason for moroski to leave.

    “All our prayers and support go to moroski and his family”

    All our prayers and support go to moroski and his family

  9. Ciarra Williams

    I cried reading this. Mr. Moroski you have made an “outstanding among all”(lol) impact on all of the Purcell Marian students. We love you so much and will continue to pray for you. My heart feels so broken inside because you were there for not only me but each and every single soul in those halls. Man you are someone that I truly looked up to because you have helped me and seen me at my worst and I greatly thank you for that. I knew something wasn’t right walking past your office without that cheerful spirit placed in it . I honestly can’t even believe that this is happening right now . Mr. Moroski on be half of the Purcell Marian student body, your ARE the reason Purcell has changed and we commend you for lifting our spirits and as a strong man of God I know that you are going to be just fine. Oh and lastly , I may not be gay but THANK YOU for being a positive example ,standing up for what you support/believe in and not backing down for ANYONE ! This is a lesson that needs to be taught among the youth in my generation immediately! And I will continue to contact you when I go to FAMU this fall and probably the rest of my life lol, because I feel that you will always be there to help guide me on my journey to success. 🙂

  10. Megan Hustmyer

    Thank you for being you Mr. Moroski, and I want to let you know all of your students are supporting you right now. I have written to the Archdiocese about this and told others to do so as well. Hopefully if enough people write, they will pay attention and change their decision. No matter what, know you are a true role model to everyone. Thank you.

  11. C

    When I first met you I thought you were pretty cool, you were funny and smart, now I see you faced with morals, and I ask myself, what will you do?

    Now I have seen you do the right thing, shout your beliefs loud and laugh off any who try and silence you.
    If you did take it down I would have stared into those eyes and demanded an answer, do you think you could give me one?

  12. SGT. Barton

    Mike…your still the man. To this day when I am asked who has had the biggest impact on my life I always say its you sir. This post hasnt changed my mind a bit. As a member of our military, this issue has been quite large over the past few years. I will say that since Dont Ask Dont Tell was lifted, I have not seen any change in the dedication, service, and duty of any service members. We are brothers and sisters in arms no matter what big brother has to say about it. The sad part is, that even if a couple who is gay in the military and got married, they couldnt even receive the same basic housing allowance as I do because gay marriage isnt legalized by the federal government. Sir I know you never asked to be an advocate for gay marriage but, regardless the statement you are making by not removing the post is a valid one. You sir are a warrior. Im honored to have known you, to have been a student of yours, and to have helped the Cincinnati area with you. NAZ FARM FOR LIFE!

  13. Family of Four

    Thank you! My husband and I have two children and believe in humans too. It is so important to have straight allies. But also it takes a lot of bravery to stand up. Thank you for making a better world for our children. I am also a teacher. You will be glad to know that just today I was in a team meeting strategizing how we were going to support a student struggling with identity. The conversation was focused on how we were going to support the family. We obviously don’t work at a Catholic school. Our focus was how this “gay” young man was becoming comfortable and we need to guide his parents towards love and support. The reality is he isn’t struggling with identity his family was struggling with his new identity.

    It’s good to hear that people everywhere, in their corner of the world, even here in Cincinnati, are interested in humans. We stand with you.

    Much gratitude.

  14. mike

    thank you all so much for your kind words of support. especially all of my students – current and former. you made me who i am. that is, my friends, the truth.

  15. CJ Elfers

    Mr Moroski has taught me so much these past years from dealing with adversity to standing up for what I believe in. Without his vigorous work and help he has molded Me into the young man that I am today. I am very very fortunate to have such an amazing role model in my life that I can look to for guidance and help. Without his help I’m not sure what my life would be like or even be at school at this point. When I met Mr Moroski I was at a pretty low point and not even sure without his help and words I would be at Purcell Marian anymore.
    I would expect nothing more then for Mr Moroski to stand up for what he truely believes in and lives by each day. I hope the Archdioese realizes what an amazing mentor and teacher Mr Moroski is and has been for so many young men and woman.

  16. Peggy

    As a parent of a former PMHS student it was very difficult to read this. You made such a huge impact on her in just one year. All she talked about was “one of the coolest teachers ever”. She was lucky to get to know you over the summer so her senior year you were very important to her. It makes me sad that you won’t be there to impact more students lives. The example you set for your students, and the rest of us, is amazing. To stand up for what you believe and not let yourself be bullied into silence is beautiful to watch. Hopefully it will give others to do the same. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately your bully doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for standing up and being an inspiration for us all. You are “outstanding among all!” I will be praying for you and your wife. And for the students, faculty and Purcell Marian community. We have lost a gem. Take care

  17. Kim

    My family members who attend Purcell always speak highly of you. Know that you made a positive impact on so many lives. It is beyond sad that the “church” wants to silence you. Keep the faith and know that you have many supporters.

  18. Carol Elfers

    As a parent of a son at PMHS who has shared many laughs, cries and stories with you in your office I can’t tell you how sad I am to read this. You have made such an impact on my son that I could never thank you enough. I would never expect any less then for you to stand up for what you believe in and know you have our support 100%.

  19. Lauren Bailey

    I am a graduate of PM, class of 2006. I attended school with many openly gay students. If the school didn’t have a problem with this, then neither should the archdiocese. It saddens me so much that it is 2013 and we are still in this battle. Though I am catholic, I don’t believe in all of their “teachings”. How can I follow rules written over 2000 years ago when our world is so different now? You are a good man Mike, truly “outstanding among all” and you are a true cavalier. We always stand our ground.

  20. Sam Kornau

    Ever since my days at Moeller you were a role model for all of the students. Your genuine care and understanding of all people has truly changed many people’s lives mine included. Keep up the good work Mr. Moroski!


  21. John Houser

    Hi Mike-

    Much support to you and Katie as you venture into this territory. As you said, you do this not in spite of your faith, but because of it, and I appreciate your actions of moral bravery. This is more or less an issue of semantics, but I would like to offer a counter idea to your writing here: maybe what we need more of, and what you have exemplified so well, is not not ensuring no one is uncomfortable, but rather the deliberate discomforting of some.

    If our leaders and institutions are engaging in behaviors and policies that deny our brothers and sisters their full dignity and humanity, then they should face that, and be discomforted by it. And if others of us provide implicit support for those leaders or institutions by condoning such behavior, and not pointing it out due to the fear of the consequences, then that should discomfort us. Lets make sure we comfort the afflicted, but recognize as well when we need to afflict the comfortable. Your stand has afflicted me, and hopefully afflicts others, and I thank you for that.


  22. Ivy

    An ethical stand Mr. Morofsky. Good for you. Miranda and I are sorry to see you go and I am sorry the diocese does not support honest moral dissent among its best people. I agree with your stand but would object to such sanctions even if I didn’t.

  23. Michael Long

    Stay true to yourself,hope all is well as I’m sure it is. Your lucky to have a wonderful family and friends that know the true you. Peace and Love Bro.

  24. mike

    i want to echo lauren’s sentiments – this has NOTHING to do with PMHS. that school is SO accepting of difference – heck, that’s the main reason i wanted to work there! then i got there and realized what a loving community it was. that school will always shine the brightest in this city.

    john – i love it. thank you for reminding me that just affliciton can help make positive societal change. much love.

    to everyone – thank you for this support. this is about us, about people, about YOU.

  25. TWO MOMs

    Mr. Moroski,
    As a parent of one of the students that brought this to my attention. I am very disappointed in the archdiocese of cincinnati. And want to thank you for standing for your beliefs & the human rights of all individuals. Because of you one day in the state of ohio I will be able to marry the women that I love with all of my heart & sole. Thank you!

  26. Sheila Kinnen

    Once again the archdiocese fails to see the big picture (social justice) and instead focuses on outdated “rules” and their ability to impose decisions that have a huge effect on people they know very little about, or seem to even care about. These are the things that are driving good people away from the church and why some people really don’t buy the “Catholics Come Home” campaign.
    Mike, I am so glad you did not give in, but don’t give up on Purcell Marian – you never know what might happen. I saw the impact you had with students in a year and a half. The archdiocese should realize they really can’t afford to lose teachers/leaders like you. My prayers and hopes are that they figure that out before the damage is irreversible.

  27. Joe

    Mike – I appreciate your stance. Purcell Marian was fortunate to have you. Unfortunately, the archdiocise insists on firing people that have opinions that differ from them (superintendent’s office, principal at McNick, principal at Mercy, and now you). Good luck in the future – Joe

  28. Class of ’87 here — thanks for doing this!!! Very proud! I can’t believe anyone who works with teenagers would NOT feel as you do. Kids come out to teachers in their journals, in letters, and personally confide in them. Friends of mine who came out during their days at PMHS, or who had LGBT family members, had positive experiences there. To some extent, it was a hotbed of creativity and support back in the day, and it looks like some of that remains.

    However, I am not surprised that there is no room for debate — that’s what it’s all about (ask the teachers who tried to start the union there years ago). The church believes what it believes. The people in it can struggle all they want, but ultimately good people will be forced to take their good message elsewhere. Good luck to you!

  29. Mary Jo Blankemeyer

    Hello Mike,
    I applaud you for your strength, courage, & integrity in standing up for what your heart is telling you to do. This is a justice issue. I, too, am in ministry and left my job because of all the hypocrisy I saw within the institution of the Church. They are living in fear, I believe; & I feel they are, at the expense of others, turning their backs on God by demonstrating injustice toward others. Your writing shows your heart which is centered on Jesus & what he stood for. Bravo!

  30. Erist

    I left the Catholic Church because I found it a hypocritical and backwards institution, more interested in protecting power and condemning people than acting in prophetic ways in this world. However, if I ever come back, it would be because of people like you, actually living out the words of Christ, not the Archdiocese which is stuck in warped views of morality that have little to do with being a force of love and mercy and peace in the world. As a graduate of 12 years of Catholic schooling in Cincinnati, I can truly say that strong loving voices in our schools are very needed. A shame the Archdiocese will get rid of this one.

  31. I am so sorry, Mike, but I applaud that you’ve followed your heart, as always. Please know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you and Katie as you embark on your next journey to make our world a better place for all. You embody “the change you want to see in the world,” and that kind of servant leadership will ultimately make a difference.

  32. Sunny


    Solidarity from one stranger to another, brother. I love our Church for many, many reasons but shake my head when these are the actions it chooses to take and when this is the majority of the press the Catholic Church gets among all the great things we do. Godspeed in your next chapter.

    Washington, DC

  33. Mike

    I just finished reading the story on regarding your situation with PM and the Catholic Church. I felt compelled to come here and tell you how much I admire and appreciate your resolute and principled stand. It is incumbent on all of us who feel strongly about civil rights, human compassion and equality under the law to stand up in the face of this continuing injustice that is so deeply rooted in many of our governmental and religious institutions. The reasons that compel us to stand up on these issues really don’t matter. The simple fact is, these types of rights for any minority in our society have always been difficult and hard fought at every turn. And it is only by the very public efforts of people like yourself that we can hope to effect the positive change that is necessary to reverse these long-standing prejudices in our society. Knowing there are people such as yourself, who are willing to risk their job and economic security to shine the light on these issues, is inspiring and humbling. I wish I could shake your hand and thank you personally. Seeing stories such as yours make me more resolute than ever to strive to do the right thing when it comes standing up for what is just, humane and compassionate. We are fortunate, indeed, to have people like you teaching our children. It gives me hope for the future. I applaud you, sir.

  34. Alison

    There are no words. Absolutely none. You were the largest part of the Castle. I am so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for being the voice that so many do not have. Katie, you are such a rock. Thank you for supporting our friend. Keep your head held high! -Alison ’92’

  35. CPW

    Mike, I have admired your work, your commitment to, and love and acceptance of all people since the first day I met you. There is nothing I can add to the above comments other than, I agree so strongly with all of them. My hope is that those who instigated and carried out the action against you will read the above statements attesting to your credibility and realize what they initiated will have far-reaching effects by denying students and parents of your influence. I have no doubt that there are many others employed by the archdiocese who, if they expressed their consciences as you have would also be looking for employment. God bless you for having the courage I lack to express my convictions. Be assured of my support.

  36. Bob

    I don’t know you but know the Marianists….good or you, wish I could take the stand you have and know I admire you. I am a gay man living in the closet at age 59…..mainly because I need my job bait keep looking for something church…..while I love the Church I grow weary of it’s focus on the wrong issues. God’s choicest blessings ……. Bob

  37. Judy

    I am so sad reading this. You are the first teacher that actually made English fun for my son at Moeller and YOU are one of the reasons why my youngest will be attending Purcell Marion next fall. I can only hope that your spirit will continue at PM and they will continue to encourage all students . Judy

  38. erin

    If you truly loved human beings — with an understanding of what love truly is — you wouldn’t “want” sin for them. You also wouldn’t want something for them that was impossible. This job is not a good fit for you, if you hold these beliefs. I will pray that you will open your eyes, soften your heart and repent for your statements. Because that is the best way that I can truly show my love for you as a fellow human.

  39. Amy Baumgartner

    I’m proud to say you are a member of my family. You need to stand up for what you believe. I also think that everyone should have the right to live their lives in the way they choose best. Stand strong with your beliefs. It will go so much further with our children and students to teach them that all humans should be respected and not alienized for who they are.

  40. Andrea

    Thank you. Your words about standing up because of your faith, not in spite of it, resonate with me. I have a long and tortured relationship with the Church because my own father was gay, and hid who he was, and thus fractured the family he built. I am not asking the Church to perform gay marriages; I am too cynical to believe that will happen in my lifetime. But I hope my own kids will be lucky enough to have people like you to teach them. You are an inspiration. Thinking of you and your family down here in Atlanta, and wishing you much peace and love!

  41. Amy Brown

    Amazing. You have my admiration and respect. Good luck to you, your family, and your students. I believe that God is with you, and all those who stand up for our fellow human beings.

  42. Darren Adkins

    I am not religious. I live by the Golden Rule. You have taken the high road by not treating others as they have treated you in this case. If there is anything to karma I hope it bitch slaps those in the Archdiocese in the face. From what I know of Christian religion, Jesus himself said that ‘lift a rock or split a piece of wood and there you will find me’ (or words to that effect) implying that no stone temple or house is needed to believe in him or pass on his teachings. Men don’t relinquish power lightly and these men are protecting their wealth and ‘real’ estate. By figuratively ‘walking out of the house’ your courage proves more than their empty rhetoric does, what true faith and the courage of your convictions really means. I wish you well.

  43. Anne

    Thank you so much for your courage of spirit and conviction and belief. This is the type of Catholic I was raised to be as well… However, it is a struggle to balance what I believe as someone, like you, who believes in the goodness of humans, all humans (a fundamental belief instilled in me in my similar Catholic upbringing in Atlanta), and to continue to be a “good Catholic.” You are a such an amazing example of goodness and love – a real Catholic. Your strength and your struggle is a true inspiration.
    Thanking you truly and humbly,

  44. Ashley Goldwire


    I saw the article related to your “Choose Your Battles” blog and I wanted to send a kudos out to you. I am a PM graduate from the class of ’94. I was out and rather vocal when I attended high school. I advocated for myself and my two dads. I tried relentlessly to get some sort of gay-straight alliance started. I faced massive amounts of bullying that either went unnoticed or I was punished for (since my political stance caused others to attack me). I had my well being and sometimes my life threatened on a regular basis. After I graduated I had a sibling attend PM for three years and they too (although straight and very involved in athletics) we tormented simply because they were related to me. I know which teachers supported me, and the few friends I had I still have. I survived four years of torment form students and several teachers. The teachers who did not add to the bullying encouraged a “hush-hush” attitude or rewarded the bully by making an example out of me.The two teachers that impacted me in a positive note have moved on to more “understanding” career paths. Now, 18 years later, reading that article, I was nearly in tears. I keep thinking, “Thank God, some one finally had the nerve to stand up.” Your actions are more than standing up for a belief, they are a wonderful examples to others. What you have done is such a positive and supportive note – not just to gay students (and the community) but to Catholics who have lost faith due to rejection by the church, students (and adults) looking for that voice that tells them they are not alone, others looking for the strength to speak the truth, those looking for courage, and most importantly, anyone who may have been at the end of their road and your stance/words gave them the positive voice they needed to find a reason to keep going. Thank you for what you are doing.

  45. mike

    thank y’all for your kind words – truly touching and strengethening (in a time when strength is a welcomed emotion:)).

    ashley – you rock. here’s to brighter days for ALL lgbt youth, straight youth, ANY youth. after all, it’s about them, right? so why do they seem to be repeatedly punished for the “sins of the father?” time for a change.

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  47. jackie

    I graduated from Purcell ten years ago and have since (for many reasons) become estranged from the church. I have, however, always believed in the excellent education I received from Purcell Marian. I have always been proud to be a Cavalier. I believe that you are standing up for the greatest things that I learned at Purcell-tolerance, acceptance, and the strength to stand up for what is right despite the consequences.
    I am a gay woman and a year ago my wife and I went to DC to get legally married. However, we live in Virginia and our marriage is not recognized here. It warms my heart not only to read your posts, but to read all the supportive posts from others. Thank you for being a true Cavalier.

  48. Stan

    I am 100 % for gay rights…they should have every right that a traditional married couple has from a legal standpoint…. HOWEVER I am also a Catholic. Matrimony is a sacrament defined by the union of a man and woman, for life, to procreate. Too many people associate marriage with just a WORD. It is so far from a word, at least for Catholics…. Here is the tough part. We, as Catholics have our holy sacrements, that we live by… Like communion. We go mass for communion. Do we let anyone that walks into our church receive the body of christ because we “love and let them because they are human”? No. We dont. Sacraments are clearly defined. Its a tough line to cross. They deserve the rights and benefits of every other human, no doubt about it… but that DOESNT mean they have the right to receive the SACRAMENT of MATRIMONY… The church can call it whatever they want… commited couple, alternative relationship… whatever. IT just needs to be addressed and resovled, but matrimony(for catholics) is a union b/t a man and a woman to grow the catholic faith by procreation. Think of it like this… we let anyone religion into our church… but that doesnt give them the right to receive communion. Human rights(legally speaking) are for everyone…. The Sacrament of Matrimony simply is not. Call it anything else that make you happy…. and recognize they are legally binded to one another.

  49. mike

    thank you for your thoughtful insights, stan – good food for thought. my issue is that Catholic educators who publically support war or the death penalty do not get pressured to resign. i am supporting a contradictory church teaching on love, not death, and here i am – on administrative leave.

  50. Stan

    Very VERY true, Mr Moroski. Such a great conversation and NEEDED refelction for our Catholic leaders. I truly hope and pray that you are asked back to your position.

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  52. Philip Bender-Tymon

    Mr. Moroski – I want to thank you personally for standing up for your beliefs and for your fellow human beings.

    I’m a Buckeye State native myself and after two decades together, I was finally able to marry the person that I love in 2011 in New York. I could finally be legally wed to the person who means the world and life and love and beauty and everything wonderful to me – and who chose to share his life with me.

    Raised an almost-Unitarian, I (eventually) married a 100% Catholic-bred, Irish-American. His extended family is ENORMOUS, numbering in the three hundreds+. And they run the gamut from lapsed rebel to the eternally faithful.

    And not a single one has shown me anything but love and acceptance. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are (or were – he has passed) as devout as anything. But they treat me like one of their own because they know I love and honor and live for the happiness of their son.

    There is room for everyone in God’s creation – and there’s no reason we shouldn’t all be treated the same.

    You have now demonstrated to the world the same type of love and acceptance that I have enjoyed for the last 22 years. I salute you and I thank you – you are an inspiration to present and future generations.

  53. I am Eastern Orthodox, so our faiths are quite similar. I know how much my faith plays an integral role in my life, but still disagrees with several of the things that I believe. I think you are teaching the young people in your life a lesson that may be more important than any other that they learn in high school. I support your decision and hope that you can rest well at night, knowing that you made the ethical decision.

  54. Fred Westermeyer

    Mike – you have the right to your thoughts on matters of Gay marriage . However if you are Catholic you should know and understand the teachings of the church . As a teacher and employee of a Catholic High School you should support those teachings , if fact you signed an agreement that said you would . It appears you do not and are taking a public stand on this matter . When you sign a contract you should have understood that it limits your rights . I have to say it appears to me that this is being done to advance your choice to go into city politics . I suspect this may help there but perhaps not with the Church or God for that matter .

  55. Fred Westermeyer

    So your readers know – Here is the postion of the Church on this matter — 2. Same-Sex Unions:
    One of the most troubling developments in contemporary culture is the proposition that
    persons of the same sex can ―marry.‖ This proposal attempts to redefine the nature of marriage and the family and, as a result, harms both the intrinsic dignity of every human person and the common good of society.Marriage is a unique union, a relationship different from all others. It is the permanent bond between one man and one woman whose two-in-one-flesh communion of persons is an indispensable good at the heart of every family and every society. Same-sex unions are incapable of realizing this specific communion of persons. Therefore, attempting to redefine marriage to include such relationships empties the term of its meaning, for it excludes the essential complementarity between man and woman, treating sexual difference as if it were irrelevant to what marriage is.
    Male-female complementarity is intrinsic to marriage. It is naturally ordered toward
    authentic union and the generation of new life. Children are meant to be the gift of the permanent and exclusive union of a husband and a wife. A child is meant to have a mother and a father. The true nature of marriage, lived in openness to life, is a witness to the precious gift of the child and to the unique roles of a mother and father. Same-sex unions are incapable of such a witness.Consequently, making them equivalent to marriage disregards the very nature of marriage.

  56. Catholic & Proud

    For those people hung up on the definition of “marriage”, here you go, straight from Meriam-Webster:

    Definition of MARRIAGE
    a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage

    Now, I realize the Catholic Church has a lot of power, but the last I checked, they didn’t have control over the English language. And for the record, the Catholic Church does not recognize ANY marriage that occurs outside the walls of its institution. My parents, both raised Catholic, were married young by a Justice of the Peace. From that point forward, they were no longer welcome to receive communion, or any Catholic sacrament….BUT they were welcome to raise their children Catholic, send their children to a Catholic school, put money in the collection basket every Sunday, coach Catholic school athletic teams, volunteer for festivals, school programs, cafeteria duty, etc, etc, etc. The day my father died, my mother was “welcome” to begin receiving communion again.

    This is NOT about gay marriage. It is about the hypocrisy of Catholic Church. I love my faith. I love the people who have help raised me spiritually. I love God, Jesus, Mary, and ALL my brothers and sisters. I am proud to say I am Catholic because of what the church has taught me about loving one another and walking in the footsteps of Jesus and Mary. But I will not change my beliefs of supporting equal love for everyone because my church leaders tell me to.

    Mike, you keep fighting the good fight. Keep doing what’s right for those who don’t have a voice or who are not allowed to use their voice. You are being heard!

  57. Stan

    Catholic and Proud… You should know, being Catholic, that Marriage is far more than the merriam-webster definition. It is one of the 7 Holy Sacraments… You raised the point about equal love for everyone. The church promotes this with all their resources, EQUALITY in terms of love, is the message of the Catholic Church and Jesus Chris. For what we beleive However, the SACRAMENT of Marriage is a priveledge to those of us in the Catholic Faith. Its like Confirmation, or your First Holy Communion. There are rules and steps that we, as Catholics, must follow and adhere to. I think the Church LOVES Gay, black, white, yellow, short, tall, whatever people with all of their spritual resources. But in the sense of our CATHOLIC religion and meaning of MATRIMONY, and procreating, and growing our religion — You have missed the true meaning of twhat Catholic Marriage is meant to be.

  58. Anonymous

    I am grateful for your courage to take the stand. You will not be forgotten! All of those students will recognize what is right and what is God’s way – you have done well good friend.

    Karen M Ruggiero

  59. Fred Westermeyer

    Catholic and Proud -Webster: changed the definition of marriage less than a year ago due to the fact we keep redefining words – just because we call a dog a duck that does not make the dog a duck – marriage is between a man and a women . Next we will have folks that want to say marriage is between a human and an animal – get real folks ……. sounds like you want to create your own faith , please explain why you want to be “Catholic and Proud” if you do not believe in the teaching of “your” church . If you do not believe leave , you will be better off .

  60. Jeff

    If you enter into a contract or agreement, you must abide by the contract or agreement or face the consequences. I feel that you should be allowed to marry whoever you want to marry. However, you should not seek employment with an organization such as the Catholic Church if you feel this way since they don’t condone this behavior.

  61. Angela

    I cannot tell you how much this man means to my kids and the school. He stands up for his students and just gives the support they need. He encourages them and shows them the way. This will be an absolute complete loss if we lost Mr. Morowski. I am so proud of my children for standing up for Mr. Morowski and I support them in all they want to do to try and make sure he does not lose his job.

    Hope to see you back at Purcell very soon.

  62. Proofwell

    Saw a link to your post all the way over here in the tundra that is Minnesoooooota. As a Catholic who believes in marriage equality, I just want to thank you for putting your beliefs on the line. I only hope better things are on the horizon for you and your family. I’m also a Ballpark Chaser (trying to visit all 30 MLB ballparks – I don’t think that’s against Catholic teaching, is it?) and it would be my honor to meet up with you at a Reds game when I finally make it to Great American. Thanks.

  63. Although I’m not Catholic (I belong to the United Church of Christ, a denomination that has taken a stand in favor of marriage equality), I support the right of the Catholic Church to refuse to sanctify same sex marriages in its churches, I support the right of the Catholic Church to teach that homosexuality is wrong, and I support the right of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to fire you for supporting marriage equality.

    In other words, I think the Catholic Church has a right to be stupid and to choose its battles unwisely.

    Interesting that civil marriage equality is something the Catholic Church is willing to go to the mat to fight against, but they don’t seem to want to campaign to bar civil divorce, a much greater threat to the institution of marriage.

    At any rate, thanks for taking a stand. I’m sorry that the powers that be in your church are so scared of my ever gaining the right to marry a man, but I’m glad that more and more people are realizing how stupid your church is for being scared of that.

  64. mike

    proofwell – it would be an honor to go to a game with you. i, too, have this same goal (see my earlier post, “America’s Pastime.” i’ll buy you a skyline cheese coney. you’ll love it. GO REDS!

  65. Mike, thank you for the courage and compassion of your beliefs. Dignity communities across the country are grateful for your fidelity to your conscience and conviction. Praying God opens new doors to you and your family as you move forward.

  66. Stephanie Benhase

    I can tell you this because my son has a different last name than I do. I want to tell you this because I am so disgusted by it. A teacher said this may be a grand conspiracy perpetrated by yourself, adding that at some point you expressed an interest in running for political office. They went on to say that you spent the last two years ingratiating yourself with the students in the interest of gaining their vote at some future point. I find this incredibly insulting to you as my son told me he thinks you’re pretty fantastic. You actually changed his schedule this year and that made a big impression on him. I don’t see a whole lot of Christ in this scenario anywhere, but I do remember what He said, “Love one another.”

  67. mike

    stephanie – i am well aware that people are saying that about me and it does not hurt. the reason is because, when someone says that, they are also (implicitly) saying that they do not know me at all. i would encourage those folks to reach out to me, talk with me, and get to know me. they will then see that i am not some political opportunist. i have had these beliefs my entire life. i have had political spirations since i was a teenager. and i would never, in a million years, put my wife and i’s livlihood on the line so that i could be a politician. either way, i do not feel the need to spend a lot of time defending myself to people who don’t seem to want to become friends. if they do want to become friends, that would be awesome. if they do want to become friends, then i could learn from them too – and that would be the tops. thank you for your note, and for your support.

  68. Ryan


    You are an inspiration for countless Catholics to claim their voice within the church, truly a model of revolutionary action walking in the footsteps of Christ. It warms my heart to see the support you are receiving and your strength throughout this process. I wish you only well and thank you for being the voice of love in a world that often forgets about the most beautiful and beneficial ability of humans.

    Thank you,

  69. Ed H.

    If you really believe in gay marriage, then you shouldn’t be teaching at a Catholic School. It is against the Catholic religion. You are hired and paid by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and consequently should abide by their rules. Do you also teach that abortion is permissible? I say either stand by your “beliefs” and resign from your position or get in line with the Catholic faith and abide by their rules. This is not a 2 way street. However, this is America and we do have the freedom of choice. But your choices must be in line with your religion if you are to remain teaching our young people. Since you have ambitions in politics, does this make your decisions political? mmmm, I wonder……

  70. MikeM

    ed – i never taught any of this directly to students – certainly not that abortion is ok. i taught love and challenging oneself to grow. i respectfully see how you think this is “political,” but you don’t know me. i would never jeaopordize my family’s livlihood for opportunism. in fact, i have said all of these things since a child. if you want to get to know me, i think you’d see that. either way, thanks for reaching out! peace.

  71. Linda

    I graduated 43 years ago from a catholic high school in Cincinnati, and was well mentored by several of my teachers. They changed my life. I am a much better person because of their
    strong messages of the dignity of all humanity. I still try to up to their hopes and dreams of a new world every day. You are doing the same for your students. These ripples will go out over the earth, and we will all enjoy the fruits of your actions. Thank you so much.

  72. Brian

    “Experienced God more in the past week than my entire life”. Not so fast if you worked in a Catholic School you should have know that gay marriage is immoral. You are listening to the Devil my friend.

  73. Laura

    I agree that the United States government should not discriminate in offering the legal status of marriage. However, the sacramental status of marriage, or matrimony, within the Church is a matter for the Church to grant. The Church does not allow divorced people to be married in the Church (unless their earlier marriage has been annulled, nullified or declared as nonexistent), and the Church does not allow same-sex couples to be married in the Church. The terms of the sacrament are up to the Church authorities, and there is reason for it. You may wish that the Church authorities would change the sacrament, but I do not think that will happen. But as far as civil marriage (government legal contract), the Catholic Church should have no say in that. Regarding civil marriage, the Church needs to remember how to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”.

  74. Sleet

    Brian – He’s aware that the Catholic hierarchy says gay marriage is immoral. That does not mean it is. He’s listening to Jesus Christ over Pope Benedict when there is a conflict between what they say, which he believes there is. Jesus is hardly the devil.

  75. Fred Westermeyer

    So sad Mike that your are moved more by what the President says in his State of the Union Speech than what your Church says ………………………….. Once again it appears that you are more concerned with elections than what is right …

  76. Fred Westermeyer

    By the way our President also thinks it is right to murder babies , you say you do not agree with abortion but your support of Gay marriage seems to go against that point of view also .

  77. J.B. Just Bible


    Jhn 14:15 NKJV – “If you love Me, keep My commandments.
    Jhn 14:24 NKJV – “He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father’s who sent Me.

    Rom 1:24 NKJV – Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves,
    Rom 1:25 NKJV – who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
    Rom 1:26 NKJV – For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.
    Rom 1:27 NKJV – Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
    Rom 1:28 NKJV – And even as they did not like to retain God in [their] knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;
    Rom 1:29 NKJV – being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; [they are] whisperers,
    Rom 1:30 NKJV – backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
    Rom 1:31 NKJV – undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful;
    Rom 1:32 NKJV – who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same BUT ALSO APPROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE THEM.

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