Mike’s Straight A Plan for CPS

  • Mike will be ACCESSIBLE to stakeholders as he has been with every group with whom he has worked
  • Mike will be an ACCOUNTABLE steward of your tax dollars as he has an advanced business degree and has experience managing budgets (both public and private)
  • Mike will be ADAPTABLE to a changing world as evidenced by his entire professional career implementing innovative educational & anti-poverty initiatives

Mike Moroski was an early adopter of the Preschool Promise and understands the importance of early education. Having been a critical supporter of Issue 44, Mike understands the relationship between CPS & the United Way and will be able to serve as a deliberate & sound liaison between both organizations.

Mike will fight for expanded early education moving forward. See his Op-Ed from April 2nd, 2016 on the importance of Preschool in a child’s life by clicking HERE.

Mike has a demonstrated history of having a backbone and not being afraid to fight for what is right. Mike will stand up to ideologues in Columbus and Washington D.C. who would rather demonize public education than work with it. Parents are sick of unnecessary over-testing that does nothing to increase learning, and Mike will stand up in favor of testing that actually measures progress. Click HERE to see a national story on Mike’s most public stance that got him terminated from his post as Assistant Principal.

Mike will not continue to allow for-profit institutions take your hard-earned tax-dollars away from public education so that they can be used to fund failing schools and line people’s pockets who have no real interest in education. Mike believes in fiscal responsibility, and presently the State of Ohio uses an unconstitutional funding mechanism to fund schools. Mike will fight to change that.

Click HERE to see his Op-Ed from February 2nd, 2017 about how for-profit education is failing students and communities, and click HERE to see Mike’s Op-Ed from July 1st, 2017 on how ECOT has no place “educating” Ohio’s students. Lastly, Mike takes public access to ALL educational initiatives quite seriously. To that end, click HERE for Mike’s take on the importance of Public Broadcasting (from April 10th, 2017).

Also, see his Op-Ed from July 31st, 2014 about how the State of Ohio’s unconstitutional public school funding mechanism keeps poor children poor by clicking HERE.

See below for a list of top priorities & initiatives Mike will champion once he is elected to the Cincinnati Public School Board:

  • Mike will spearhead and implement a robust Community Engagement strategy that has defined goals and metrics (See Mike’s Op-Ed HERE about this very topic from the Enquirer’s August 12th edition)
  • Mike will lead the District in adopting a revamped discipline policy that is designed to empower young people to make decisions that better themselves – this policy will be fairly & equitably enforced
  • Mike will push the District to hire more teachers to alleviate the strain on overworked teachers in schools that are over-enrolled
  • Mike will help lead an exploratory committee to investigate the feasibility of a new school in Cincinnati’s West Side
  • Mike will work to ensure that the magnet school lottery is truly equitable; i.e., that all families are aware of the process and have access to the online system
  • Mike will lead an effort to clearly delineate the decisions that should be made on the governance (School Board) level and the practical (LSDMC, Principal) level

Lastly, Mike will do everything in his power to step foot inside every Cincinnati Public School in his first 100 days.