Another Great Article from CityBeat on Moroski for Council

Hannah McCartney from CityBeat writes: “If every local politician were more like Mike Moroski, Cincinnati would be a better place”.

In this article out today in the Election Issue, CityBeat summarizes Mike’s personality like this:

But Moroski has earned his own spotlight with his reputation as a staggeringly authentic, earnest and easygoing Cincinnatian bubbling over with integrity, enthusiasm, open-mindedness and morality that’s not just rare in politics; it’s a rare combination to find anywhere.

There is also attention given to his positions on issues near and dear to his heart, like reducing recidivism, widespread poverty in our neighborhoods, accessibility and visitability, and economically moral initiatives. Read the entire article for yourself…and while you are at it, read the whole issue!

Again, thank you CityBeat for your thoughtful, in-depth reporting.

CityBeat Endorses Candidates for Mayor and Council, including Moroski

CityBeat endorsed Roxanne Qualls for Mayor, and well as eight other candidates in this article. There was also a nice profile page on Mike, which included this quote: “While many council candidates fixated on vague budget and neighborhood issues at a CityBeat-hosted candidates forum on Oct. 5, Moroski trumpeted social impact bonds, a little-known policy that could help former jail inmates get their lives back together and lower the costs of imprisonment.”

Thank you, CityBeat!