Team Cincinnati

Team Cincinnati

Bonnie Raitt once said, “Let’s Give ‘Em Somethin’ To Talk About.” I like that.

This post was intended to be about Team Moroski – and then I realized that I already posted about Team Moroski – when Team Moroski was supposed to be put into action in 2017. Well, Team Moroski is moving NOW.

I have said it once, twice, three times on this site, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere – a vote for me is a vote for Team Moroski.

But, what does that MEAN?

Let me tell you a story. It will be brief, and then we’ll get back to Bonnie Raitt.

“Once upon a time, about a month ago, a man was fired from his job as an Assistant Principal for his public support of marriage equality. That man always had dreams and aspirations of running for Cincinnati City Council. He had a Team that was ready to support him. His plan to run got pushed back to 2017 because he loved his job (yes, the very same one from which he was terminated). His wife and he, after days of conversation, decided to run in 2013 since he no longer had a job. The man reached out to his Team – a Team of committed, employed, extremely busy people – to see if they had any issues with speeding up the campaign by about four years.

The man called his Treasurer, Chris, at 9 pm on February 27th and asked if Chris could meet him at the Board of Elections the NEXT morning at 8 a.m. to fill out paperwork. Chris said, ‘yes.’ The man then called his extremely busy and newly-married Campaign Manager, Eric, and said, ‘hey, remember that Council thing in 4 years? How about NOW?’ Eric was downtown at a new establishment in Over-the-Rhine, paid his bill, and immediately came to the man’s home to get started. The man then got a hold of Once Blind Studios – Randy & Leisa Wilcox – and said, ‘what say y’all to redoing the entire website, branding the campaign and getting union print shops to make all the stuff we need in two weeks?’ Randy & Leisa said, ‘we’re on it.’ The next day, the campaign’s branding was in the bag.

The man then reached out to two former students – Nick & Matt – and asked them if they would serve as Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Treasurer (respectively) and they said, ‘most definitely.’ Then the man asked his friend Michael to get a plan together for Neighborhood Outreach and in two days Michael had a 13 page document for every member of the Team to peruse – all based on Asset Based Community Development. Next, the man called his friend, Chris, with whom he worked at Choices Cafe and asked her if she would consider chairing the Events Committee. ‘Done,’ was her response. Another former student, Andy, reached out to the man and said, ‘hey, I’d like to do video production for the Team.’ Add an attorney, Matt, and a social media maven, Spencer, to the mix and you have a pretty nice recipe.

And the wife of the Treasurer, Kelly, and the Campaign Manager’s wife, Becky – wow. Talk about awesome, strong, supportive women who are not only ready to move on the campaign, but working as hard as their husbands to make this Team a reality (not to mention, like the man’s wife, putting up with their husband’s work-ADD, and rocking their own ridiculously busy schedules simultaneously). Truly a blessing. Speaking of awesome, strong, supportive women – the man had a former student named, Maria, who is now at the University of Cincinnati. Well, he called her and asked if she would coordinate collegiate outreach. In about five seconds she texted him back – ‘absolutely,’ the text read.

The man also has relied heavily on his friend, Joe, who is serving as press secretary and who, years ago, had a conversation with the man about running for office as a “Human Party” candidate. The Human Party has finally come to be. After all these years it has come to be.

And the man’s brother, Mike Rogers. This man, THIS Mike, has kept the man stable for eight good solid years. HE is the man who PUSHED the man to run this year – to run for ALL of us – to be a voice for the voiceless at City Hall.

So, the campaign came together in under two weeks and the man was happy.”

I hope you liked the story.

Every good story has a moral, so what is the moral here? I told you that the story would tell you WHY a vote for me was a vote for Team Moroski. Make sense yet?

You see – every person of whom I spoke in the above tale is well-respected in their network – driven by success and compassion – and really, really busy. Yet ALL of them have been working double time to make this campaign a reality. They are TRUE Team Mates, and will continue to be so once I am sitting in a seat in the Council Chambers. And we need YOU to be a part of Team Moroski – to help us scream loudly for those without a voice – for those that are left behind in the wake of petty arguments and self-righteous ideologies.

There is much to be fixed in our city, but there is far more upon which to build. I humbly ask you to help me be that person who makes those difficult decisions that will build our nonprofit AND for-profit sector in this city so that ALL may thrive.

This is not about me. It is about the Team – and not even Team Moroski – it is about Team Cincinnati.

So – welcome to the new website. Take a look – contact us with questions about volunteering, the platform, appearances and the like. We are here to learn from YOU.

Bonnie Raitt said it the best – “Let’s Give ‘Em Somethin’ To Talk About.” She finishes by asking, “How About LOVE?”

So, how about love, Cincinnati? I know a lot of people in this city, and my wife and I frequent a lot of establishments in the city limits. It seems to me that Cincinnati has a lot of Love. Let’s build on it. Let’s make it available for everyone. Let’s come together and unify to assist our brothers and sisters without a voice. Let’s become a Team – a Team of which we are proud – a Team that does not accept a childhood poverty rate that is the fourth worst in the nation – a Team that does not accept decisions based on ideological whims – a Team that does not accept anything less than the BEST. A Team like Team Moroski, but much larger, louder and lovelier.

A Team that is just waiting to be born:

Team Cincinnati.