I Have

I have never once felt angry.

I have not felt surprised.

I have felt confused.

(Not by what to do, but by why I had to do it)

I have felt sad.

(Not for my situation, but for my loved ones’ rattled faith)

I have felt empowered.

I have remebered what it is to pray and ask for strength.

(I think I may had forgotten how to do that)

I have found God in many small moments since Monday, February 4th at 1:30 pm.

I have fallen in love with my wife every second of every day and learned what true reliance is.

I have opened a Bible.

(For the first time in a long time)

I have spoken to every person who I consider Family and been strengthened by them.

I have been overwhelmed by love on social media outlets.

I have forgiven the Archdiocese.

I have come to understand that the Church tries.

(But, like everyone else, they need help too)

I have become more familiar with my new life.

I have slept well.

I have laughed at things that need to be laughed at.

I have accepted things it was time to accept.

I look forward to what I will have to do tomorrow.

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